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Order discount wholesale fabric for your fashion projects, fabric store, upholstery shop and more. SOFI supplies striped fabric wholesale in Los Angeles for projects of all kinds, with different colors, blends, thicknesses and textures to choose. SOFI gives you the best prices and high-quality fabrics that are made to last. Stripes have been a popular fashion item for decades. Designers may use thin stripes or thick stripes, dual colors or multiple colors, and stripes that are even or jagged, depending on the desired effect. Stripes create a structural look and can create a dynamic effect when paired with other patterns or create a focal point when paired with solid colors. Stripes are often used in upholstery in furniture, as well as many clothing items, from tee shirts to sweatshirts, tank tops and more. There is no limit to what you can do with stripes when you find the right colors, structure and weight. Try out your first sewing project with discount striped fabric or tackle a new masterpiece. Order know from SOFI and click on any fabric to see more details.